Software Practice

The firm’s patent attorneys represent some of the most advanced software companies in the world, in cutting edge areas such as software for data center networking, machine learning, office productivity, voice recognition, natural language processing, wearable devices, holographic projection systems, near eye displays, gaming consoles, and operating systems. Software is one of the firm’s most active practice areas, and all the firm’s patent attorneys are active in the firm’s software practice.

Trademark Practice

Alleman Hall & Tuttle LLP assists clients in building robust trademark portfolios, and protecting their trademark rights from encroachment by third parties. We advise clients considering adopting new brands to inform them of the potential risks posed by third party trademarks and the likelihood of obtaining protectable trademark registrations for these new brands in the U.S. and abroad. We help fortify our clients’ rights in existing brands by expanding their trademark registrations to cover additional countries and additional goods and services, where appropriate. We also defend existing trademark portfolios by monitoring third party trademark activity to identify applications, registrations, and actual use in commerce of third party marks that potentially encroach upon our client’s rights, and filing trademark oppositions and cancellation proceedings in the U.S. and abroad where necessary. The firm also assists clients with inbound and outbound trademark license agreements, and helps them negotiate trademark disputes with third parties. All of the firms attorneys are active in the firm’s trademark practice.

Chemical Practice

The firm represents some of the largest chemical companies in the world to protect their intellectual property in fields such as thin films, quantum dots, electrical pastes, polymer chemistry, OLED display materials, inks, and dyes. Matt Hall is a Ph.D. chemist who is active in the firm’s chemical practice.

Electrical Practice

The firm has experience patenting various electrical technologies including wearable devices, holographic projection systems, near eye displays, gaming consoles, wireless technologies, smartphones, communications ports, batteries, OLED displays, PLL/DLL chip support, system-on-chip microprocessors, electrical probes, analog and mixed-signal circuits, radar, sonar, GPS enabled navigation devices, data and telecom switches. Chris Tuttle and Lisa Tom are trained electrical engineers active in the firm’s electrical practice. 

Mechanical Practice

The firm builds mechanical patent portfolios in such diverse areas as automotive and motorcycle technologies, including engines, transmissions, and steering and suspension systems; toys; solar panels; fluid flow control devices; electronic materials and processing tools; computer peripherals; heavy equipment; and personal watercraft. Mark Alleman and Charlie Moore are mechanical engineers at the firm and active in the firm’s mechanical practice.

Biotech Practice

Our M.D. and Ph.D. educated scientific staff help biotech companies protect their technologies in such areas as medical devices, medical visualization software, bioinformatics, biosimilars, electronic health record software, drug delivery devices, probes, assays, medical imaging, and pharmaceuticals. Shu Muramoto is an M.D. and licensed patent agent at the firm and active in the firm’s biotech practice.